Farmer Doug and Lois Hoffbauer are small farmers in the Duluth Minnesota area.  Specialties are: free range chickens, locally grown fruits and veggies, and Christmas trees & wreaths.  Farmer can be found at farmers markets throughout the Duluth area.  Mondays - downtown from 11am - 1pm; Wednesdays - Duluth Farmer's Market - from 7am - noon; Thursdays - St. Mary's - from 11am - 1pm; Saturdays - Duluth Farmer's Market from 7am - noon.  Selling Christmas trees daily at the Duluth Farmer's Market from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas.  You will find the freshest trees and florist quality wreaths in the Duluth area from Farmer Doug.  

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Our chickens are raised free range.  They are butchered weekly and are sold fresh every Saturday at the Duluth Farmer's Market.  Our veggies and fruits are picked at their peak and sold at local farmer's markets.  At our "lunch hour" markets, Lois has small flower bouquets available to bring back to your office.  You will also find gladiolus, peonies, lilacs, sunflowers and other cut flowers at the other farmer's market locations. Farmer Doug always puts on a great display.

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